michawagner | Freelance Creative, Advertiser and Consultant from Germany
Freelance Creative – working in the advertising industry for more than a decade. I’m currently living in Düsseldorf Germany but I’m free to travel if you need me anywhere else.
Freelancer, Creativ Director, Art Director, Kommunikaitons Berater, Entrepreneur
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Hey I am Michael

Freelance Creative – working in the advertising industry for more than a decade.
I’m currently living in Düsseldorf Germany but I’m free to travel if you need me anywhere else.

My life summed up? Chemical drugs, fast cars, beautiful women in the finest dresses. Sometimes without them. Strong alcohol combined with quality tobacco. No wonder I am dealing with high-profile politicians and business leaders around the world. With that many ambitions it’s important to remain fit. And if you do get dirty a good detergent removes all stains.


I'm working as a Senior Art Director for some of the biggest agencies and networks in the advertising age. I'm holding a position as a Creative Director in an awarded media production studio and I'm working in this position for my direct Clients as well. I've worked for Fortune Global 500 companies as well as SMEs. I can tell apart bad from good from awesome and I know the best artists around. Cherrypicking, the best possible team without the overhead and the lack of talent of a simple agency.

Concept Designer

While I got into the creative industry because of my passion for graphics, typography and digital art, I ended up as a concept artist in campaigning pretty early.
For those of you that don't know, it's more about creating countless ideas over and over again than actually really do the execution. And when you do, it's more about inspiring your team of artists and designers with rough layouts and giving them the conceptional directon and creative frames to create unique and powerful graphics.


Your Brand is the sum of its interactions. It's not just the visual look of your company. It's all experiences that customers have at all touchpoints. This includes the digital environment as well. And no, the internet isn't going away. Rather it's the most important! Do you know about paid, owned or earned media? If influencer marketing should be a part of your content planning? Why storytelling shouldn't end at your childrens bed? I do – and I will help you build a recognizable and influential brand.


After countless brands and product launches, I know every step in the ad process and went through all disciplines. Consultancies invited me to work with their bdev teams and teached me the importancy of ROI focused strategies, lifetime value and lead generation. And to top it all off – I'm a co-founder of a private label so I know the company site as well. Whether you need an overal comms check, help to define your media strategy, improve conversion rates, make your ad process more efficient, or to be a long term support for your marketing. My experience will definitely add value to your business.

Digitalist / Innovator / Disruptor

I'm a millennial – one of the first digital natives – shaped in a creative industry. Think of it as a feature, not a bug. I literally grew up creating the digital world. I think and handle things differently than a B.A. guy would, even though I went to a higher economy collage. Maybe thats why I'm – as a creative – so much into strategy and Bdev as well. My Job is to create ideas out of nothing no one had before, using techs no one used till then. As a business man, I know the rules, as a creative I don't care to break them if needed. Disruption doesn't come from doing things like they where done before.

Pre- / Post-PRODUCER

At the beginning of my career I worked freelance as operator, support photographer and postproducer at several photo and video production studios – mainly fashion and automotive. I didn't think I'd get to work with american politicians, german industry leaders, italian luxury cars and french makeup brands in such an early stage of my career. Quite apart from traveling the world with beautiful models. Now – thanks to my former mentors who shared their knowledge with me – I supervise most of the projects im working on. From time to time you can still see me behind the camera.

Don’t forget to be Awesome

“Millennials are poised to reshape the economy; their unique experiences will change the ways we buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come…”

Goldman Sachs

Digital Design since 56k

I started decades ago by building my first websites in the 56k modem age. From a development position over design to conception – I combine my knowledge with a huge understandig in ROI. For me it’s important to add a significant value to your company. Today, you need a lot more than unqualified online leads, generated by filling in a form! If you are missing one of the following competences in your department, then we should get in touch:

Usability, User Experience, Prototyping, Wireframing,
Conversion Rate Optimisation, Dropout Rate Reduction, SEO/M, Social Media, Digital Content, Frontend, Coding Skills.

One style fits none!


Commercials are dead! Long live commercials!

Look at VoD. People are paying to not see advertising! Nowadays we have an attention span of 8 seconds – less than a goldfish. So relevance is king to get your customers attention, storytelling is queen to hold them. Example? I have a beard. When I watch my fav YT talk show, I hate to see a “not related TV-Ad like benefit product demo” about an electric shaver. Unskippable of course. But the answer isn’t another unrecognizable YT-Star – yelling at me in an ugly lighted studio scene – how awesome this definitely not sponsored product is…

Not all platforms are good for leads. Some are more about brand-loyalty and retargeting. You have to make the content fit the channel.

Video is projected to drive nearly 80% of total global internet traffic in 2020!

Remember the power of the printed word?

I never finished a digital book or magazine, whereas a printed version sometimes twice or more. It’s a great shareholder value. A well designed and creatively finished printed annual report e.g. is some kind of art you want to collect. Ever heard of someone collecting pdf’s? No doubt, some publications are just dead trees and in the internet age, print did lose a litte bit of its glow.

Your brandbook could be a reference book for all your employees, and – thanks to VR and AR – OOH, salesfolder, catalogues or brochures don’t have to be limited to the physical world anymore.

Are you positioned for digital success?
Improve the digital performance of your brands.

I bring you valuable and unique industry insights

People have the craziest hobbies.
Mine are performance analysis and competitive benchmarking.

All my hobbies are job related. I’m not a professional CGI or VFX artist, but I like rendering out scenes sometimes. I’m not a cutter or grader but I don’t mind putting together my own rough video demo version for the first “look and feel” presentation. And I like to read all case studies, digital IQ reports or checking out new strategy modules I will get in my hands.

If you are not for innovation, you choos stagnation.
And if you want the future you have to look like it too.

Your communications look like you’re lost in the nineties? You’re losing brand awareness and customers? Do you need to catch up with the digital – a winner takes all – environment? Look at uber vs. taxis or amazon vs. retail. Taxis and retail are dead, they just don’t know yet.

The future isn’t waiting till you get used to it. I worked with big data when it was still called business intelligence. I made my first website long before responsive design was important. I used AR/VR years before PokémonGo and created influencer campaigns even before the term was created. I’m the agile, innovative part your brand really needs.

Disruption doesn’t come from doing things like they were done before.

“There is no more B2B or B2C. There is only Human to Human (H2H)”

Bryan Kramer

I’m here to help… Get in touch and ask me anything!

Studio Düsseldorf
Königsberger Str. 100
40231 Düsseldorf

Office Meerbusch
Büdericher Allee 3
40667 Meerbusch

+49 (0) 176 470 750 86


Interested in a talk? Just want to ask me something? Or do you want a quick first discussion on how I could help to thrive your business? Just get in touch. Whether you just started or are already active around the globe. There are plenty of possibilities for how I could help you.

You can text me in german or english. I will get back to you.